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Piscataqua Pioneers, as an organization devoted to genealogical research, offers "Queries" as a feature on its website. We invite anyone, member or not, with a genealogical query about an ancestor who lived in the Piscataqua region from the 17th-19th century to send a query along. Send your query to query@piscataquapioneers.org. We then ask anyone who has information relevant to the query to respond by emailing your response to query@piscataquapioneers.org.

Tips for creating a good query: Keep it short. Capitalize the last name. Include the first name and any dates that would help identify the person. Include the City and State where they lived. Abbreviate the words born, married and died to b,m,d. ; baptized = bp; lived = lvd.

Query Date Submitted - July 29, 2016
I am researching the KENNARD family and I'm looking for information about Edward Michael KENNARD (sometimes referred to as Michael) who settled in Kittery, ME in the 1630s. He may have come on the ship Benediction with Alexander Shapleigh in 1635 as I found reference to a Michael KENNARD living in his home. He was from Canterbury, England, and may have later returned to England as he may have died there, leaving behind children in Maine. The Kennards lived in Kittery/Eliot ME for many generations afterward and were also related through marriage to the STAPLES family. Any help is appreciated!
Karen Fletcher, Mercer Island, WA

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Query Date Submitted - November 11, 2015

I am looking for information about my ancestors. I believe they may have been ships' captains or? I wish I knew more about their lives as well as their origins in England or Wales.

Christopher Snell (1620-1689) Portsmouth, Rockingham, NH
Martha Matthews (1631-1678)

Capt George Snell(1645-1708) Portsmouth, Rockingham, NH
Hannah Alcock (1642-1726)

Lt Samuel Snell (1672-1731) Portsmouth, Rockingham, NH
Mary Fickett (1679-1724)

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QUERY       DATE SUBMITTED - September 5, 2015

My wife is descended from a Timothy Hanson Perkins and his wife Hannah Marsh, who resided in Barnston, Stanstead, Quebec, Canada, as early as 1839. Timothy was born in New Hampshire, according to the 1880 Federal Census of Bath, Grafton, New Hampshire. We suspect that he was of the Strafford County, NH, Perkins families, but we have not been able to positively identify his parents. At present, I am focusing my research on the familyof Lemuel Perkins, son of Nathaniel and Abigail (Weare) Roberts) Perkins of Dover and Barrington. A probable grandson of Lemuel was Timothy Perkins, b. 1772 in Adams (Jackson), Carroll, NH. This Timothy is not the one I am looking for, but he might be related. I'm also focusing on the family of Solomon Perkins (b. 1745) of Rochester. A possible grandson, Joseph,( b. Middleton 1807; d. Holland, VT 1880), also lived in Barnston, Quebec at the same time as Timothy Hanson Perkins. Does anyone in your membership have any suggestions? Are any of these families covered in Piscataqua Pioneers? Thanks for any help, John Wood. Respond by emailing your response to query@piscataquapioneers.org.

QUERY       DATE SUBMITTED - August 1, 2015

I am looking information about Bathsheba ( Piscataqua Indian) Edwards. It looks like she was my 4th great grandmother.
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QUERY       DATE SUBMITTED - January 16, 2015

I live on Old Armory Way in Kittery's Foreside. It once was called Cox Lane and we've been told that Joseph Cox built the house that -- after his daughter married a Dennett -- was called the Dennett House for 3 generations. We are interested in Mr. Cox (Deacon Joseph Cox). We heard he was the chief carpenter for the U.S. Navy during the Civil War and that he was sent for by Adm. Farragut ("Damn the torpedos. Full speed ahead.") after the Battle of Mobile to repair the fleet.

Would you be able to verify this information or help us figure out how to verify? We are also interested in knowing of Mr. Cox ever lived in the old Dennett House or nearby. Respond by emailing your response to query@piscataquapioneers.org.

QUERY       DATE SUBMITTED - August 22, 2013

Do you have any records pertaining to Nicholas Hodsdon who relocated in the present South Berwick after living in Quamphegan from about 1650 until his death. I have done an extensive genealogy on him. With his second wife, Nicholas fathered an additional six children while living there. Looking forward to hearing from you and thank you.

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