Piscataqua River Basin (NH)





How To Become A Member

Assure that you meet the basic requirement: that you are descended from a person who
settled in the Piscataqua area prior to the Declaration of Independence, 4 July 1775. You
will later be asked to prove this fact by completing a genealogical information form
giving names, places, and dates, with approved sources identified of each generation of
your ancestors beginning with the designated settler. Don’t let this hurdle discourage
you! All of the hundreds of people listed in our Register have done it.

Complete a primary application on this form. If you already know two members
of the society who would be willing to nominate and second you for membership, have
them sign this form. Otherwise, leave these items blank. Copy and send the form to
Moira Smith, Registrar, Piscataqua Pioneers, P.O.Box 1511, Portsmouth, NH 03802
with a $30 check made out to Piscataqua Pioneers.

Next Steps

You will be supplied with genealogical forms and full instructions for completing
them. A vast resource of genealogical and historical material is accessible online and in
public libraries.

When your forms have been completed, accepted, and approved by the Registrar, you
will send in either $10. for Annual Membership, or $100. for Lifetime Membership dues.
You will then be voted into the society and will receive a membership card and a certificate.

In 2012, we developed an attractive certificate that has been issued to our new members. (A copy will be found on our website.) The new certificate will be available to members at the July Annual Meeting provided they make a request in advance. Certificates also can be obtained by mail for a postage/handling fee of $5.00. Please contact our Registrar (see above) to order a certificate.